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We're expecting!

After five years of knowing we were done having children and conversation after conversation about how we felt so fulfilled and complete as a family of four....we decided we were NOT complete! lol! In November of 2018 after months of hoping and praying we would be blessed with one more, we found out....we were! Baby #3 is due July 11, 2019!

If I am being entirely honest, there were lots of mixed emotions on my end. Lots of happy crying over how lucky I felt to have another baby. Lots of guilt over the thought of friends that have been praying for a a baby for years and years and yet here we were welcoming another before they got theirs. Lots of fear as I wondered if I could handle being a mom of three, a wife, a business owner. Lots of anxiety at the thought of things going wrong because who gets lucky with THREE healthy babies. Irrational I know. But real.

The constant thought in my head has been...."omg....three. OMG. What makes me think I can handle this?"

And yet I remember feeling this way after having my daughter...and then my son. And what I remember is that we have always been able rearrange our lives to bring to reality the things we have wanted.

This second trimester has brought on lots of excitement and so much joy as I watch my two oldest love on their baby brother or sister growing in my belly! What does this mean for Infinite Focus Photography? Not much! It means three months off this summer as I will be on maternity leave but other than that, business will continue as usual with a small decrease in the number of sessions I will be taking for a few months! Can't wait to see you in front of my camera!!


P.S. These images are from the moment we told our kids they were going to be a big brother and sister! So thankful for Heirloom and Oil Photography for capturing this moment for us!

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