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Turn the camera on you, mom....

Almost deleted these pictures because helllooooo messy pony tail and post pregnancy thighs (they're new thank you lol)

BUT.... one of my goals for 2020 is to get in front of the camera more on a daily basis. Not once or twice a year for family pictures. Not just when I have the chance to actually do my hair AND wear makeup at the same time. Because if I'm being real it's usually one or the other these days. Not when I'm done losing the baby weight.

In my everyday chaos. The way my kids see me.

My camera roll consists of pictures of my kids and my husband. Was I even there??? How sad that moms are the center of everything in the household yet we don't stop to document US.

Change that this year. You don't need the makeup.

Your hair's fine.

Your kids want to look back on the mom they remember and love.

Hand the camera over. It won't be picture perfect but it will be real and priceless.

I challenge you to turn the camera on YOU this year.

Love, Madeline

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