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Positive vibe. Positive Life.

Negative Nancies. We all know them. That person in your life that has something negative to say about anything you do. That person that has a problem for every solution. Sometimes it's one crucial person in your life like a parent or sibling. Sometimes it's a group of people and you know it's them because when you're around them you feel emotionally exhausted.

Does it matter what it is? Nope.

Does it matter if it's actually a good, positive thing you're doing or saying? Not at all.

You can rely on them to find a way to make their perspective or opinion on what you're doing seem "better" or "correct." They live their lives with an automatic negative response to anything anyone says or does.

This debilitating. Both for them and for you.

Have you noticed it's these people that ALWAYS seem to be unhappy about something? Do they ever really seem happy or fulfilled?

I can count a handful of these people in mine. The ones that said "that will never work" when I decided to start a photography business. The ones that have actually said to me "you're too skinny" and then a year later said "you're getting fat." Yeah. The ones that judged formula feeding my baby not knowing that I was actually physically unable to nurse him. The ones that tore me apart when my marriage fell apart and then put me down again when we decided to make it work. "You work too much. You travel too much. You never visit. Why'd you do that to your hair?"

O. M. G.

How in the world do you satisfy these people???


You realize that these people have created a habit for themselves. A habit that consists of an automatic negative response for anything and everything anyone does. This habit has stopped them from seeing the positive in people around them and most importantly, in themselves. This's a sickness....will cast a negative aura around them that makes it literally exhausting to be around them. Have you felt that feeling? When you leave an outing with a person like this and feel emotionally drained?

The good news can cut these people out of your life. Whether it's a friend or a family member, you can say....enough is enough. That negativity is toxic and will never lead to a positive life.

You know exactly who this person is as you read this.

Protect your enthusiasm and your path in life from their negativity and feel the weight lift off your shoulders.

xoxo -Madeline

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