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Timberdoodle: Wile E. Coyote Physical Science Genius Set of 4

My science obsessed girl was so excited for this set!!!

"This one's all mine!" she said! (She's got two brothers that share books with her!)

Right away we loved the comic book vibes the book gave. Honestly, at first glance they just seem like fun books to read!!! When you start to dig in, you realize all the educational goodness mixed in to all the fun!!!

My major is in elementary education so naturally, I am coming up with entire lesson plans for every single item that comes in to our "home classroom." Each page flip covered another physical science concept which meant lots of opportunities to test out these laws of science!

First up....gravity!! We used a couple of blocks and dropped them from different heights to watch how they fall!

Next up: Planes and Ramps (Chapter 2 in the Simple Machines book)

We made ramps using wooden building blocks!

Chapter 5: Screws! We grabbed screws from the toolbox and talked about the ways a screw is in fact a simple machine!!! The inclined plane wrapped around the cylinder creates a spiral edge that is usually used to hold things together but also for raising and lowering heavy objects.

Our favorite experiment was creating our own Pulley system (Chapter 4). We used wooden blocks, pipe cleaners and a poor little lion!

Final thoughts:

This was the perfect age group for these books! We plan to re-read them more in depth and go over some of the harder physical science concepts. A perfect addition to our science curriculum!

Grab yours here:



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Sep 20, 2021

First time reading this blog, thanks for sharing

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