10 reasons we LOVE in home newborn sessions...

1) Genuine moments and emotions captured in the comfort of your home.

2.) NB lifestyle sessions can be taken when your baby is any age! (But preferaby between 7-14 days so they will sleep for us! lol!)

3.) Lifestyle sessions allow mom to relax and continue the recovery process after baby.

4.) That NURSERY!! In so many homes, the nursery is literally the only room that is 100% complete. lol!!! This is such a great chance to show it off and document how it looked before....dare I say it....TOYS! LOL!

5.) The master bedroom or living room are other options if there isn't a nursery!

6.) Will you ever be photographed in your home again? Ever? Probably not!

7.) Climate control! Outdoor sessions with your newborn are so beautiful but we have to have the right weather conditions which makes winter sessions almost impossible sometimes.

8.) I bring along the props needed to also get a studio style shot of your little one!

9.) So many moms think "oh my house won't look good in pictures." All I need is lots of natural light and a cute corner and I can work magic. ;)

10.) These sessions document your newborn and his or her beautiful qualities in a natural, casual, modern way.

If you've been on the fence, feel free to message with any questions!

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