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You booked a session: What to expect

You booked a session! Yay! Here's what to expect and how to prepare:

1. If your session is outdoors, make sure to prepare for the current weather! During rainy season, bug spray, appropriate shoes for a possibly wet location and a change of clothes for the little ones is a great idea! During winter season, an extra layer or gloves for the littles. Even if they don't wear them during their session, they can wear them in between shots! During summer season, you'll be thankful to have cold water and a rag for any sweat on your face during your session (thanks a lot Florida humidity!)

2. You know your little ones best....bring anything that can bring a smile to their faces! Their favorite (non messy) snack might be a great way to bribe some smiles out of them!

3. I will send a style guide but the BEST advice is to wear something you love and feel comfortable in! An outfit that has to be adjusted constantly is a bad idea especially for fun sessions with kids! You will be bending, cuddling, playing, sitting on the ground...

4. Sessions are scheduled on an appointment basis. This means you'll want to arrive early to make sure we can begin shooting at the start of your scheduled time! A late arrival means less time to shoot your session.

5. Make sure little ones are well rested, that their tummies are nice and full and that they've used the restroom before your session. Not every location has an available bathroom!

6. During Covid: if you prefer that I wear a mask, please let me know! I always have them with me and am happy to put one on. I choose to keep my distance instead since it can be hard to make kiddos smile with a mask on!

7. Make sure to follow all of the social media pages to get familiar with my session style! Don't be afraid to screen shot a few poses you love to make sure we attempt them during your session!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out....that's what I am here for!!! The best way to reach me is by messaging on the Facebook business pages or emailing

Please be patient with reply times as I only handle booking questions during office hours! (this is to keep myself organized because #mom brain)

Can't wait to see you!


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