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Usborne Baby Books Set of 6

Oh happy day!!!!

As many of you know, we have chosen to go the homeschool/virtual school route for the upcoming school year (and beyond) which means I have been spending countless hours researching a curriculum for each of the kids and supplemental learning materials. As I searched for my upcoming 4th grader and 1st grader, I came across Timberoodle's Baby & Toddler books and developmental toys and knew I had to have these Usborne baby books for AJ!

Our little guy was so excited to open up and explore his new Usborne Baby Books when they arrived!

These super colorful and vibrant baby books are perfect for his age!

The set comes with six titles, each with their own theme and 10 board pages. The pages are thick and perfect for tiny hands still learning how to handle books.

"Where's the spotted shirt? Where's the orange skirt?"

"Where's the pink balloon?"

Our little guy flipped through the pages, helping me point and repeating after me. The rhyming really kept his attention and he started mimicking the rhythm of my reading. Score!

The wording and illustrations were really age appropriate and I can see him enjoying these until he begins to read! Perfect simple wording for an upcoming reader!

We plan to pull these out daily for a fun lap time activity!

My favorite thing about them (because I'm a visual person lol) is how adorable the set is! Perfect shelf books for his room at our new home!!!

Grab your set using the link below and make sure to share how much your little one loved them!!

These books are also part of Timberdoodle's Tiny Tots Curriculum Kits! I love that these kits are all inclusive which means less work for a busy mom. Me. Im the busy mom. LOL!

Check out the all inclusive kit here:

xoxo -Madeline

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