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Timberdoodle: Indestructible Social Studies Set of 3

Not gonna lie, when I first saw the word "Indestructible" I giggled. If you know my 15 month old you know that if there's a baby out there that can really put this set to the test, it would be him! My AJ is sweet and fun but likes to give me a run for my money every single day and destroys everrrrrything!!! The perfect baby for the job!

Here we go!

For starters. these books are ADORABLE. Bold colors, eye catching illustrations and adorable characters! All 3 of my kids spent time flipping through the pages and loved them! Hello Farm was our favorite!!!!

When I handed the books to my little one, he did EXACTLY what I knew he would do. Yup. Straight to the mouth!! You guys. You would never know!!! That boy used his new chompers all over the edges without a trace.

Okay when we read washable, we really thought..."there's no way these books are washable. After running them through the sink and watching the water ROLL RIGHT OFF THE PAGES....we were pretty much windblown! They dried up right away as if nothing happened.

As a mom of THREE, I know how easy it is to go through books. Even the "carboard" books have to be replaced with time. These books are the perfect "throw it in the diaper bag and let's go" items! (Seriously. They're in my diaper bag now and will go everyyyywhere with us).

Totally had my 10 year old do the rip test. RIP THAT BOOK!!

Nope. The book will not rip. I!?

Final Thoughts:

Yup. This is a must have item for anyone with a toddler! Use the link below to grab yours!!!



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