Pumpkin Minis Details:

Updated: Oct 16

*These sessions are booked

October 4th

5:45 Sabra

6:00 Nikisha

6:15 Bryana

6:30 Jessica

6:45 Erika


Camp Milton Historic Preserve

1225 Halsema Road North

Jacksonville, Florida 32220

-These are 15 minute minis, Please arrive early. It will take a few minutes to walk to where I will be shooting. (When you come in, you'll see me off to the left. Can't miss me. I'll have pumpkins lol)

-Please park outside of the main gate to the park. They DO close and WILL lock you inside. I've seen it happen. Don't let it be you! lol!

-Please be ready near the area I am shooting but make sure to social distance. Plus no one likes to be watched while they're taking photos!!

So excited! See you there!


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