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Preparing for your in-home newborn session...

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Yay! You booked an in newborn home session!! Now what? What I love most about in home newborn sessions is how laid back and casual they are! These sessions are meant to capture those moments as they really were in your home in the very beginning. Those first few weeks after bringing your baby home are so special! The great news is....there is very little you'll need to do to prepare for this!!! Here are my top 10 tips to make sure you'll have the BEST in home newborn session possible!

1. Natural light is KEY! Is the room you've chosen to shoot in well lit naturally? My look is natural light and while I am fully prepared for a situation where we will need to use artificial light, you will love these images so much more with that beautiful sunshine coming in through your windows!

2. Clutter multiplies on camera. (not really but really!) Before our session, clear the room of any excess clutter you may not want photographed. Things like stacks of diapers or baby essentials on camera can make a room look cluttered!

3. Any room works! Don't feel obligated to choose the nursery to shoot in! Many times there isn't a nursery or the baby came early and that room just isn't ready yet!! A master bedroom or living room is great for these also!!!

4. Get Comfy!! No shoes and comfy lounge clothes are my favorite because lets be honest...this is what life with a newborn looks like! Chances are I will have you laying on your bed or snuggling on the floor so you'll be happy you dressed comfortably! (Also....if you're trying to choose can't go wrong with neutrals!! Keep in mind the color scheme in your home and compliment it!)

5. Don't forget dad! Some of my favorite shots with baby include dad and baby together but way too often dad is unable to come! I totally get how crazy it can be with work schedules! I am happy to reschedule you to make sure he is there. Your baby will be so happy to look back on these one day!

6. Reschedule if needed! Make sure to keep me posted if your delivery date changes! The goal is to shoot anywhere from 7-12 days after birth! I always schedule these for that time but with babies coming so unpredictably, many times we end up rescheduling or adjusting the dates so it's just right!

7. Document special items! I always recommend a picture or two with any special items that may be significant or special like a personalized blanket, toy or sonogram!

8. A full baby is a happy baby....most of the time! lol!! Save a feeding for right before your session to help keep him or her happy, satisfied and asleep!

9. Get the siblings involved! If big brother or sister loves feeding the baby, reading him or her stories or even just snuggling together, make sure to have me document some of those moments!

10. Don't be afraid to reach out to me with any question at all!!! (


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