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Hey eachother!

Motherhood is hard....

Can we ALL just agree on that?

We get so caught up in the specifics of being a mom but over all...though this is the most fulfilling and rewarding time of our's HARD for all of us.

Maybe the mom that looks like she has it all together is barely hanging on.

Maybe the mom with an only child is dealing with infertility.

Maybe the mom in the car riders line that didn't smile back is going through a divorce.

We all have weight on our shoulders.

For me, it may always be the guilt. The thought while I am working that I should be with m my kids. The thought when I'm with them that I should be spending time with my husband. The thought that I'll never do enough even though I can't give another ounce of me. It's debilitating and makes me physically and mentally ill. That's the weight I carry.

I have mom friends dealing with affairs in their marriage.

Some that are dealing with financial struggles while raising their kids.

Others that just feel lost....disconnected....empty...despite being so in love with their children.

It's real. This time in our lives and it's hard.

Love eachother. Walk through motherhood with the understanding that we all struggle at some time in some way. Throw the judgement away and check on each-other. Support your friends. Tell them you're there to listen. Hang on...and enjoy this. You'll miss all of it one day. <3

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