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Christmas Minis

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Location: Ronnie VanZant Park

2760 Sandridge Road

Lake Asbury, Fl 32068

  • We will shoot by the pond. When you pull in to the first entrance, follow the first road all the way around to the pond. You'll see the truck on your left!

Please keep in mind, the truck is rented from for a certain amount of time. We will not be able to stay past our scheduled time. Arrive early to make sure everyone is ready to shoot at your scheduled time.

Please keep your child safe during the session. This is a vintage truck. There is rust that adds to it's charming quality. It is fragile and I am so happy to have it to shoot with but we need to be very gentle with it. Do not allow your child to play on or near the truck when we aren't shooting. By participating in this session, you are agreeing to keep your child safe while we shoot.

My phone number is 904-504-0441. I will not be able to reply right away while shooting but feel free to text if there are any issues finding the location.

Can't wait!!!!

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