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At Home Summer Learning

Who says learning stops at the end of the school year?? This summer we decided we wanted to find educational ways to keep our kids busy while giving each mom a break occasionally! Our own summer camp by mom! Let's face's going to be a loooong summer of these kids asking for snacks if we don't find ways to keep them busy! Some moms from my daughters school and I decided we didn't need an expensive camp all summer to keep them busy and are rotating fun and educational days with each of us at home.

Naturally, on my days, I am choosing to do a STEM focused lesson (we LOVE Science, Technology, Engineering and Math at our house) and our first lesson was on constellations!!

To start the day, we watched a video on constellations to make sure everyone was on the same page and knew what a constellation was! Streaming Youtube on the TV through the Roku is a lifesaver for educational videos!!!! I even had a galaxy video looped on my computer because...commitment. lol!!

We then painted our own galaxy and created a unique constellation designed and named by each child! The foil stars were perfect for this activity!!!

We then made real constellations using toothpicks and yummy marshmallows! If you didn't guess it already, this was the favorite activity of the day and more marshmallows were eaten than were actually used. lol!

We took a break from constellations to design our own shirts for the summer using fabric and puffy paint!

Polaroid pictures! Times 8. Try explaining to 8 kids why these cameras don't work like digital cameras where you can take ONE picture to send to everyone lol lol. We took this picture EIGHT times. lol

They loved the final product of their constellations!

8 mom.....and a full day of space fun! Sounds crazy, but we had a blast, learned a lot and can't wait for the next one!!! I encourage moms to organize activities and get with other moms that have kids in similar age groups to do the same. Stay tuned for the next one!


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